Welcome to my website. This site is designed to help further understand the subject of Canadian history in the pre-confederation period. It also gives a little background into who I am as a student and a person within the community. My page starts with the about me section, which helps to illustrate who I am and why I chose to study Canadian history. Following this, is the reflections on the past section, where I decided to place my document analysis because it was the best example of a primary document study which helped me to further understand Canadian history. I also posted my research paper outline into this category. Under the category of the Seven Years War project I posted the research project that answered the research question that I chose. The research project helped illuminate a very specific aspect of this time period and it opened my eyes to the individual struggles of the people during the time before confederation. In the learning Canadian history section, I placed all the notes that I took during the class, which is one of the most traditional ways to foster learning. This section is also home to the different projects we worked on in class, such as concept maps, speeches, etc. Finally, I have the tab dedicated to my reading logs. These logs are one of the most traditional ways in which historians study history. They show my thoughts and feelings on the weekly readings and what I learned from them. The home page of my website is dedicated to helping anyone who visits understand why I organized my website the way that I did. I hope through my site and this post, that anyone who visits will have a greater understanding of the choices that I made.